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Strengthening public cultural services

2019/9/27 9:25:31
General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "Culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Culture revitalizes the country and prospers, culture is strong and nation is strong. Without a high degree of cultural self-confidence and cultural prosperity, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Public libraries, which inherit civilization and serve society, are the symbolic basic projects for building up high cultural self-confidence.
The integration and development of culture and tourism should follow the socialist core values, which is conducive to strengthening cultural self-confidence and gaining more basic, deeper and lasting strength from cultural self-confidence. We should adhere to the guiding ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era, adhere to the direction of advanced socialist culture, and take the cultivation and promotion of socialist core values as the fundamental task, which runs through the whole process of Public Library construction, management and service.
In the process of carrying forward the excellent traditional culture, the story should have a correct intention. We should clarify the historical origin, development vein and basic trend of Chinese excellent traditional culture, clarify the unique creation, value concept and distinctive characteristics of Chinese culture, and enhance cultural and value confidence. We should also innovate in the way of story presentation and narration, change unilateral inculcation into two-way interaction, and change rigid exhibition into multi-dimensional experience. In the process of IP creation and cultivation of cultural tourism products and the establishment of destination brand, it is both upright and innovative.
The integration and development of culture and tourism should innovate and optimize the service mode, and should be "suitable for integration, can be integrated, to promote travel by literature, to promote travel by travel to Zhangwen". Public libraries are not only lofty palaces of knowledge, but also new activities and people are willing to come and go. This requires a more scientific, rational and adequate planning of activities. Making full use of the advantages of public libraries, such as more facilities, more literature resources and more professionals, we can carry out a wide range of reading promotion services through reading guidance, reading exchanges, speech reading, book exchange and other activities. These activities will be combined with urban development and construction, infrastructure optimization and renewal, and community daily recreational activities.
Efforts should be made to alleviate the contradiction between people's desire for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development, to promote the equalization of public services, including libraries, including price reduction and quality improvement in key state-owned scenic spots, and to innovate the service modes of museums, art galleries and cultural museums. In particular, public libraries should play a more active role in document collection, knowledge dissemination, public education and cultural exchange. We should not only focus on quantity and spatial distribution, but also on core competitiveness. Public libraries are not only knowledge centers and cultural centers, but also social centers and entertainment centers with unique "hard core" competitiveness. Only in this way can the public be more motivated and more convenient to access cultural and tourism services to create conditions to better meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people.

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